Made Beautiful To Help Us Go Green

Standard rectangular solar panels modelled into delightful objects that inspire more of us to choose solar energy. The investment is not only something to enjoy aesthetically but also will increase the value of your property.

Countless variations

Adjustable size

Structure for solar panels is sized for your space and available for any solar panel rectangular size that you may have (1.65 x 1.05 metre panels in pictures).

Shape to your liking

Not only size but the shape of pergola have many variations thanks to a parametric algorithm. One such parameter is symmetry - it is possible to choose more symmetric vs less symmetric shape.

Sweeten the deal with amenities

A structure for solar panels in your garden or yard can be used as a terrace (with terrace roof as an option), pergola, space for a car or even turned into a vertical garden!

Secure & Green Energy

Solar energy is on an upwards trend. Tectonic geopolitical changes have made even more people consider how each of us can contribute to secure, green and economically viable solar energy collection.

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