Surprising aesthetic effect can be achieved by lighting artfully shaped wood wool. It reflects light in a color that you can set to match your mood and the occasion - using voice, phone or a remote. Seamlessly the space transforms to one like no other.


Your lighted wall decor suddenly moves, doors open and you have a plethora of drawers sliding out on Austrian-made high-performance rails! Who would expect that? The fusion of artistic wall decor and high quality furniture technology. Finally made possible.


Natural wood wool acoustic panels, quality plywood as well as oak veneered layer on solid pine block board are material choices that give your wall decor a sense of authenticity and intrinsic quality.

Configure and Order Your Wall Design

Set dimensions, play with lighted pattern, make your choices for surface materials. Write down your Composition ID and send it as an order!


Grow flowers on your vine! Just like in nature - not every configuration will work - find yours that does!

Configure in 3D


Model enables you to experiment and create cells in multiple configurations!

Configure in 3D


Choose 6, 9 or12 stand-like leaves that you can literally "grow" to a lenght that you like!

Configure in 3D


Focus is a high-energy pattern that enables you to control the shape of elements and have up to 6 different colors at the same time!

Configure in 3D