Reimagine Your Ceiling

Coming soon! Custom 3D printed ceiling light elements to be retrofitted to your existing plain ceiling.

Color Moods

Change LED light color in phone in Magic Home app or simply ask Google Assistant, or Alexa

Natural materials

Sound absorbing natural wood wool, gypsum as main ingredient, cement for strength. Food-grade silicone channel for LED strip.

3 variants

Star with 6 strands

Well suited for both square and rectangular spaces.

Size S will takes 5.3x2.6m, though more space is needed for it to look good.

Size L requires at least 10.8m in length and 4.8m in width.

Size M length of strands can be customized to any length in between S and L (priced respectively based on length).


Star with 9 strands

This variant will help you redefine the center of gravity for your space.

Size S has strands up to 3.2m from center of variant - S can fit in 4.5x5.0m rectangle, though we recommend more space.

Size L longest strand form center takes 6.5m, the whole variant will fit into 8.3x10.9m rectangle.

Size M - customize strands to any length in between S and L.



Star is always of the same size with 12 elements included. It fits into a 1.24m radius circle, however, the furthest point of element is 1.5m away from the center of the Star. LED lights are integrated so that they also create backlight to the ceiling that they are mounted to.