Color variation

Voice-controlled integrated LED lights that match your mood and the ocasion. LED light spots are hidden from the view - it is the wood wool texture that lights up in the color of your choice.

Natural materials

Lighted surfaces are made from naturally colored wood wool. Acoustic panels made from this material are a good choice for the main surface of the wall, with alternative being painted or varnished birch plywood.

Easy setup

Wall consists of 1.2x2.4m sized ready-made sandwich modules that are placed next to each other and attached to the wall. Electric system is pre-assembled and has "plug & play" instructions.

Play with the configurator, write down your Composition ID and send it in for price and lead-time assessment.

Configure Your Wall Design

Input wall dimensions, then scale, rotate, flip and move around the LED-lighted pattern.


Flower model has 3 variants - 6, 9 and 12 leaves. Also it offers you an option to grow leaves in length!

Configure in 3D


Grow 5 to 12 flowers on your vine, adjust curviness and bends! Just like in nature - not all combinations will work - find yours that does!

Configure in 3D


Underwater resembles a 3D space, where you can grow and weave underwater grass to your liking.

Configure in 3D


Focus is a high-energy pattern that enables you to control the shape of elements and have up to 6 different colors at the same time!

Configure in 3D