Be yourself

We know how it feels to create. That is why we aspire to give you as much creative choice as we can. Each of our products is based on a parametric model so you can create your signature design.

Structure for solar panels

This model enables us to control length, height, torsion. We can add rows of panels on top and/or bottom thus affecting panel tilt average angle. Any number of slices can be removed from each side. Terrace dimensions inside the structure are variable, too.


Choose the number and length (up to 10.8 metres) of strands so that you create the ceiling accent the way you see it. For options just email us.


The model offers a unique opportunity to set light elements at different heights from ceiling thus creating true 3D effect.


This model is built to resemble nature, demonstrating several non-symmetric vine composition functions.


The model below showcases control of torsion and shape of ceiling elements!